Making of puppets and marionettes

Puppets and marionettes are made entirely of fabric. Heads are mocked-up and painted. Inside each puppet’s body is a wire structure that enables limbs and fingers to be bent. Marionettes can be made for decoration purposes only or can have leading strings attached and be used in marionette theatres.

Puppets and marionettes are reasonably durable, however, heads can be ruptured or dented if not handled with care. The mocked-up and painted fabric is slightly fragile – similar to a canvas of a painting.

If you wish to have a marionette made that imitates a living person, I need several photographs of that person: one frontal view of his or her face, one side one, and preferably also a photo of the whole body. Please bear in mind that the marionettes are always caricatures to a certain extent. Manufacturing one marionette takes approximately two weeks.

Carnival and party costumes

If you like the costumes but you’d prefer something unique and special, the possibilities are almost limitless. Costumes based on movie or comics characters, animals and beasts, aliens, robots and many more can be custom-made.

If a costume is for a small child, it is important for the child to keep its identity while wearing the costume. It is therefore recommended not to cover the child’s face. The head of a costume can be made in the form of a hood attached to the body of the costume, or in the form of a separate cap or hat.

Play areas for kids

Do you run a restaurant, cafe, doctor’s office or any other public place where you would like to create a special area for children? There are many ways to make kids enjoy the time they spend at your facility – from just a small desk with crayons to carefully designed play areas with furniture, slides, ladders, hideaways, houses etc. You don’t need large investments in order to create a child-friendly and fun environment that kids will like to come back to.

I design as well as equip play areas for children. To make it special, a play area can have a theme – for example “jungle”, “sea world” and many other. According to your needs and requirements, I can fit the designated space with furniture, wall paintings and/or decorations, matraces for jumping, fun pillows, slides, ladders, toys, games etc.

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